Born in France, Jeremy was lucky to discover the movies very early thanks to his father who ran a video shop and had set up an old 35mm projector in the garage. Jeremy fed himself with old classics first, then with the many adventure and fantasy films of the early Spielberg era. At the age of 10, he fell in love with Raiders of the Lost Ark. From then on, he has only one thing in mind: make movies.

Jeremy made his first short film at 11, a 40’ fantasy film shot in VHS. Followed dozens of ambitious shorts among which Alchemy, an adventure epic, and The Battery, a 1’ chain reaction that won a few awards before getting a national release in French theaters.

Jeremy started directing professionally on commercial shoots. After his debut spot for Swatch won an award in Cannes, he went on to direct his first TV spot at age 21 and landed his first million-dollar budget at age 24.

He kept shooting commercials worldwide for clients such as Xbox, Coors or Disney, gaining experience of large-scale shoots and FX heavy post-productions. Recent spots include a movie-like campaign starring Leonardo DiCaprio and a Spike Award winner for Subaru Interactive. His fantasy short film Paradox earned him many awards including Best Short, Best Screenplay, got selected at Tribeca and a dozen other festivals around the world.


Jeremy recently completed Beyond, an epic adventure short film about a kid turning hero to rescue his parents from a burning wreck. The short was screened at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood and received praise from a number of industry mags including IndieWire.


"Ever since I started directing, I’ve been wanting to create an intense, epic action sequence - not just spectacle, but a scene where characters we care about do extraordinary things to overcome hopeless situations."

Jeremy is hoping to attract similar feature film projects as well as direct his own action, adventure and fantasy spec scripts. He is represented by CAA and Madhouse Entertainment. He lives in Los Angeles.






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